Meet the Board

Board Members give time, talent and treasure to help us work toward our goal of a world where everyone has a safe, decent place to live. For any nonprofit organization, board members should meet basic legal obligations including Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Obedience, but great board members do even more, offering servant leadership to their organization and community. Habitat Minnesota is grateful to have such leaders from Habitat affiliates and community members.

2020-2021 Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota Board of Directors

  • Kevin Worden, Chair
  • Julie Gugin, Vice Chair
  • Bret Busse, Secretary
  • Deb Flannery, Treasurer
  • Aubrey Albrecht, Community Member
  • Mary Jayne Crocker, Community Member
  • Katie Cumming, Community Member
  • Doug Gettle, Affiliate Member
  • Marjorie Grevious, Community Member
  • Mike Haley, Community Member
  • Vincent Henry, Community Member
  • Geri Hickerson, Affiliate Member
  • Emma Kasiga, Community Member
  • Jill Kiener, Community Member
  • Cathy Lawrence, Affiliate Member
  • Ruth Lunde, Community Member
  • Kevin Pelkey, Affiliate Member
  • Grant Piller, Community Member