Kari, a long-time Habitat homeowner, and Amber, a future Habitat homeowner, had the chance to work side by side on the site of Amber’s future Habitat home that she will share with her five-year-old son. Kari has been living in her Habitat home for 13 years with her two children. Having a stable place to live allowed Kari to discover her passion for food and health and to go back to college to study nutrition and then start her own business. Thanks to her increased stability proved by her home and her education, Kari’s two children have had the chance to attend college as well.

“It all started with a house. I went from surviving to thriving because I had the opportunity to have a basic need met that allowed me to grow and prosper. I went from thinking about where our next meal would come from to dreaming of the next stages of business development I want to take.”