Habitat Minnesota Loan Fund Capital

The 21st Century Fund was established in 2000 with a $21 million, 0% interest loan from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency. Because Habitat Minnesota holds this money interest free, we are able to loan 21st Century Funds to affiliates at 0% interest. The 21st Century Fund loan pool totals approximately $1.3 million per year and carries an 8% loan origination fee to help cover program costs (3% fee for the one year, short-term loan option). Traditionally, the loan term matches the term of the mortgage pledged to Habitat Minnesota, on average 25 – 30 years. As of June 30, 2019, approximately $41.2 million has been disbursed from the original loan of $21.3 million plus recycled funds, funding 554 mortgages.  In FY’20 Habitat Minnesota has approximately $2.7 million available.  Click here for a copy of the FY21 Request for Applications

Capital Fund Guidelines and Forms