Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota Announces Disaster Response and Crisis Recovery Fund

Looking to the future of Habitat in Minnesota, state organization seeks support during COVID-19

Saint Paul, MN – Habitat for Humanity in Minnesota is springing into action, responding to the needs of current and future Habitat homeowners as they experience new financial realities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The importance of a safe, stable, and affordable home has become even more apparent during this era of “stay-at-home” orders.

Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota has launched a new fund to ease the financial burden on Habitat organizations experiencing financial challenges—The Habitat Minnesota Disaster Response and Crisis Recovery Fund. There is an urgent need for support for Habitat affiliates feeling the impacts of this public health emergency and economic crisis.

Habitat anticipates that up to 50% of Habitat homeowners will experience layoffs or furloughs during the financial crisis that accompanies this pandemic; many Habitat homeowners work in food service or other service industry positions or own their own small businesses.

Habitat is working to make it possible for these homeowners to be able to stay in their homes by making modifications to their mortgage payments. However, these mortgage payments are a key source of revenue for Habitat, and payments by current homeowners allow Habitat to continue to build homes for more families in the future. Supporting this new fund will support Habitat and Habitat homeowners through this crisis.

Our state was already facing an affordable housing crisis before COVID-19, with one in ten households in the state spending more than half of their income on housing. By building plans for a strong future, we will be ready to respond to the additional housing needs as we work to recover from this crisis.

Donations to this fund will be disbursed to the twenty-eight Habitat affiliates in Minnesota based on their level of need. To further provide support statewide, up to 10% of donations to this fund will be used by Habitat Minnesota to support the range of programs and services offered to all affiliates in Minnesota. Help us keep people in their homes now, and prepare Habitat for Humanity affiliates to aid in the economic recovery after COVID-19.

Habitat Minnesota was created in October 1997 by the Minnesota Habitat offices it serves for the initial purpose of applying for funding and providing funders with a single contact for distributing resources. At the time Habitat Minnesota was created, Minnesota’s Habitat affiliates were building homes at the rate of 70 per year. Since that time, Habitat Minnesota has added a range of programs to support these affiliates. Habitat Minnesota has helped Habitat affiliates by providing funding, financing, and resources totaling over $90 million, enabling Habitat affiliates in Minnesota to now serve hundreds of families each year. In addition to funding, Habitat Minnesota provides training and technical assistance in a full range of areas where affiliates need support.

Donations to the fund can be made here: https://www.givemn.org/story/Habitatrelief.

About Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota

Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota, Inc., is a statewide resource development and support organization that serves, advocates for, and advances the work of Minnesota’s twenty-eight Habitat for Humanity affiliates to build simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need. Habitat Minnesota provides a full range of support to Minnesota affiliates in creating affordable housing solutions with hundreds of families yearly through new home construction, A Brush with Kindness, and critical repair programs. For more information, visit hfhmn.org.