Habitat Minnesota COVID-19 Update
Dear Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota Partners,

Habitat for Humanity is a movement of community partnerships, one that centers on valuing our communities and people. We highly value the people it takes to carry out our work, and we want to do what we can to ensure their safety, while also helping to protect our communities. Starting on Monday, March 16, 2020 Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota staff will be working remotely to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Very little of our work requires us to be physically in the office, and we’re making plans for how to handle the elements of our work that have previously needed to happen in person. Habitat Minnesota staff will be accessible via email and phone. Additionally, we are postponing any statewide travel through the end of April.

All previously scheduled in-person meetings will be either postponed or held virtually via Microsoft Teams. Please see your email for updated meeting invitations and information based on your engagement with our work. Habitat Minnesota staff leads will be communicating directly with various committees and affiliate leadership.

Please note: if you are scheduled to participate in an affiliate-based event or program, you should connect with them directly to learn about the status of their plans. You can find your local affiliate’s contact information on our website. Leaders at each local affiliate are working to determine their actions.

We will continue to monitor the response in Minnesota and nationally and will update our partners and community as necessary.

The Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota Team
(Cristen Incitti, Susan Thompson, Kristin Skaar, Kaitlyn Meyers, Becca Seidel, Jon Slock, Brianna Murphy)