Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota grieves the tragic loss of George Floyd, and we stand in solidarity with those demanding and advocating for justice. We deepen our resolve to uproot the racist systems in homeownership in Minnesota. We further our commitment to learn from and elevate calls for change and action led by communities of color, like the Center For Economic InclusionHeadwaters Foundation for JusticeBlack Visions Collective, and others leading this work. We stand ready to work in partnership with public, private, and philanthropic partners to address systemic racism in our state.

We echo these words from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity:

“While our state is a comfortable home for many, we know Minnesotans of color, especially Black Minnesotans, rarely enjoy the comforts and safety of this place. We’re one of the most racially segregated states in the country and we have some of the worst racial disparities—in education, homeownership, income, health.

These disparities didn’t happen by accident; racist policies and practices created them. And we will never experience a Minnesota that is a safe home for all if we don’t actively uproot our racism and urgently work to close our racial divides.”

“Sadness, grief, and anger are all appropriate emotions. But resolve must be our motivator. Resolve to continue our fight for justice. Resolve to uproot historic, systemic, and institutional racism. Resolve to further equity for all.”

And these from Oregon Habitat for Humanity:“We cannot fathom the trauma our Black communities are experiencing. We commit to using our platform to speak out against the systemic racism plaguing our nation.

Racism permeates all systems and institutions in our society—including justice. For George Floyd and many others, we must continue the fight for justice.

We deepen our resolve to uproot the racist systems and institutions in our society. We confirm our commitment to learn from and elevate the calls for action from leaders of local, statewide and national organizations uniting for change.”

Let’s all resolve to build a just and equitable homeownership system, one where racial gaps in homeownership no longer exist, so that every person has the opportunity to thrive.



Support these organizations working on anti-racism and community rebuilding



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